Our gun training classes surpass the levels found through the NRA, law enforcement and military communities. These are professional, friendly, and expert staff that will treat you with respect and integrity. There are no “bootcamp” shenanigans allowed, just expert training. Family, Friends, Children 11+, Spouses are all welcome to attend these classes with you.





From basic two day defensive handgun classes to advanced tactical rifle and shotgun classes, we offer a full spectrum of classes. These classes are for everyone from a first time gun owner all the way to Law Enforcement Officer’s wanting to strengthen their skills for being on the street.


Loved it. A must go for everyone who is into firearms. The training and information is second to none.

Rudy A





Over 550 acre training facility, right outside of Las Vegas Nevada, in the Pahrump Valley. The facility has over 50 ranges, shoothouses, onsite ammo facility, pro-shop, and a firearms repair facility.



Affordability and Support


We understand that anything related to firearms can be complex with lots of unknowns for first time gun owners. For our veteran clients we are able to tailor our support to your level of expertise. We support you wherever you are and offer classes anyone can afford.


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